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How To Stop Smoking Weed, Cigarettes, Or A Vape Cold Turkey

How To Stop Smoking Weed, Cigarettes, Or A Vape Cold Turkey

Temporarily smoking organic herbs and flowers can actually help you quit smoking weed, cigarettes, and even vapes cold turkey! 

What are herbal smokes?

Herbal smokes are (smokeable) herbs and flowers (I recommend organic) rolled into a pre-roll form. Used to help one quit smoking cigarettes, weed, & vapes. They are also intentionally enjoyed in ceremony or in moderation for therapeutic purposes.

Most herbal smoke blends can be broken down into three parts. The base(s), modifier(s), and flavor(s).

Typically each ingredient is added to play a specific role as well. Let's break down the herbal smoke blend Floating Egyptian to show you what I mean...


Mullein – such a great herb for clearing your lungs out after you smoke your last cigarette. Mullein works as a natural expectorant.


Blue Lily – one way the ancient Egyptians used Blue lily was in spiritual ceremonies. Their intentions were to reach higher levels of consciousness & to connect to the divine. Blue Lily also contains the psychoactive alkaloid aporphine, allowing for a more euphoric smoking experience.

Klip Dagga – also known as “wild cannabis.” It doesn’t get you high, nor is it illegal but, it may have you floatin’.

Damiana – a heavenly, wild shrub that’s known for but, not limited to its relaxing & aphrodisiac effects.

Skullcap – added to support you in calming your nervous system.


Rose petals – added to this exotic, earthy blend for the gentle, floral flavor.

As you can see, organic herbal smoke blends that are made with intention can support, assist, and nourish you on a multitude of levels physically, emotionally, and mentally! ESPECIALLY when detoxing from your addiction.

Using herbal smokes to QUIT!

Say goodbye to failed attempts at quitting cold turkey! Once you've COMPLETELY stopped smoking (cigarettes, weed, or vapes), TEMPORARILY allow yourself to smoke an herbal smoke anytime it will PREVENT you from going back to cigarettes, weed, or your vape.

If you REALLY want to quit like you say you do, start with these 4 things...

✅ Commit to smoking your last cigarette (bowl, vape hit, etc.): being half in, half out won’t work when it comes to quitting FOR GOOD.

✅ Prep herbal smokes & keep them on you until you know with certainty you won’t cave without them: This isn’t so you can chain smoke herbal smokes. It’s to set you up for success when you are triggered to smoke a cigarette (bowl, vape hit, etc.) & you are on the verge of “just smoking one more.”

✅ Practice saying NO to herbal smokes more than you say YES: Herbal smokes are just a tool to make your detox process DOABLE! They are NOT meant to replace your addiction. Challenge yourself! Create goals. Develop the SKILL of self discipline. Create new healthy habits.

✅ Decide that you won’t replace one addiction with another: The goal is to be free of addiction, to quit cigarettes (weed, or your vape), then herbal smokes. You can’t expect to get different results while using herbal smokes if you do everything you did with smoking cigarettes weed, &/or a vape.


The goal is to quit smoking cigarettes, weed, & your vape. Then, quit your reliance on herbal smokes, while simultaneously setting yourself free mentally, emotionally, and physically.

TRUTH: Quitting an addiction is a mind, body, and emotional job. You can't avoid the hard beginning stages of quitting your addiction BUT if you take the time to develop new skills, mental toughness, & new, healthy habits that you actually enJOY, I PROMISE you, it will get easier!

The freedom & fulfillment you will experience once you ditch cigarettes (weed, or vapes) will be far more enjoyable than all that comes along with being an addict (I know this from experience ;). If you decide to use herbal smokes to quit your addiction cold turkey, I HIGHLY recommend defining CLEAR boundaries RIGHT AWAY...

For example, let’s imagine that you smoke 3 cigarettes every day. Define a healthy boundary such as the following:

  • After you smoke your last cigarette, start by only allowing a maximum of 3 herbal smokes per day for a week
  • After that first week, allow yourself to smoke a maximum of 2 herbal smokes per day for a week
  • Then, 1 per day for a week
  • Then, 1 every other day for a week
  • Then, 2 per week
  • Then, 1 per week
  • Then, 0

DON'T FORGET... You have full control over your addiction. You can enjoy life without smoking. You can accomplish your goals if giving up is not an option. Every mental, emotional, & physical challenge you face will be worth it.

To go even deeper on this topic here are more FREE resources + the link to the book I wrote for anyone who wants to quit smoking and take back their mental, emotional, and physical freedom FOR GOOD.

With purpose, Heath




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