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Can Non-Addictive Herbs Be Smoked in Lieu of Addictive Cigarettes?

Free Yourself

Herbal Spirits is an herbal blend company founded in 2018 by Heather and Christopher Griffith. The company operates out of their headquarters in Eureka, California.

The couple started Herbal Spirits shortly after Heather was able to completely eliminate her 8 year addiction to store-bought, tobacco based cigarettes with the temporary support of herbal smokes & a lifelong commitment to personal development.

Today, Heath & Chris enjoy sharing their one-of-a-kind blends with all of the cigarette smokers around the world looking to quit smoking for good!

A Message from our Founder

Herbal Spirits came to life because I, Heather, was a chain smoker for 8 years! After a handful of short lived attempts to quit smoking cigarettes, it became clear to me quitting “cold turkey,” or using a vape, patch, or anything with nicotine in it, wasn’t the route for me. Even though I didn’t necessarily want to quit cigarettes, I remained open to all alternatives because I knew I needed to find something to help me quit in order to live the life I dreamt of living, without cigarettes.

When I nonchalantly discovered the art of herbal smokes & the vast variety of organic herbs & flowers that we can smoke (not tobacco, weed, or hemp), my heart & soul knew it was time to stop smoking tobacco-based cigarettes.

Right when I was introduced to herbal smokes, I had an overwhelming, intuitive feeling that they were my solution to quitting my cigarette addiction. The first time I reached for a herbal smoke instead of a cigarette, the feeling of “this is going to change my life forever,” overjoyed me. Somehow, I just knew, & I was ready to stop standing in my own way.

Alongside tons of personal development, they did change my life & for the first time ever, my detox process felt doable, mentally, emotionally, & physically. I want this for you, too.

Offerings of Herbal Spirits

I have personally created six, tasty herbal blends to assist you with quitting your addiction to tobacco-based cigarettes. No marijuana, no hemp, no tobacco. Our harmonious herbal smoke/tea blends consist of USDA certified organic herbs and flowers, with the exception of our wild harvested Klip Dagga and Blue Lily.

You can get our blends wrapped in an organic hemp paper pre-roll, or rather, our loose bulk blends so you can roll your own smokes, mix with other organic herbs, or make a delicious cup of tea.

Clear Future

Amongst many physical & emotional benefits from the individual herbs & flowers that we use, our herbal blends allow you to get that physical fix without continuously putting nicotine back into your body. It makes things a tad bit easier on you while you are experiencing the massive transformation that you will inevitably go through, mentally, physically, & emotionally.

Every day, it’s your choice as to whether or not you will say yes or no to cigarettes. As much as it is a physical addiction, it is also a mental/emotional addiction. I believe the key to quitting any addiction is a life long journey of personal development. Cleansing of the body & rewiring your mindset is entirely necessary if you want lasting results. Our herbal blend are here to assist, support, & nourish you. They will not do all the work for you!

In Conclusion

Our intention is to assist you with quitting cigarettes & taking back your mental, emotional, & physical freedom. I know how difficult the process can be & I also know how effective my solutions are for those who really want them. I am honored to serve people all around the world quit smoking cigarettes for good & live the life of their dreams! It’s a gift to grow with you.


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