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Herbal Smoking Blends

Made with USDA organic & wild harvested herbs and flowers. Roll your own smokes, mix with other herbs, or enjoy as tea!

What Are Herbal Smokes?

Herbal smokes are herbs and flowers rolled into a pre-roll form, used to help one quit smoking cigarettes, in ceremony, or in moderation for therapeutic purposes.

Using Herbal Smokes

Once you’ve completely stopped smoking cigarettes, temporarily allow yourself to smoke herbal smokes anytime it will prevent you from lighting up a cigarette.

Lasting Success

The goal is to quit smoking cigarettes, then quit your reliance on herbal smokes, while simultaneously setting yourself free mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What our customers have been saying since 2018

I am so happy and proud to be able to say it’s now been 850 days since I quit. I’ve saved well over $7k in that time. 17,000 cigarettes not smoked since quitting. THANK YOU HERBAL SPIRITS from the very bottom of my heart.

Cari S.

I'm so happy with my herbal spirits order. I haven't smoked a cigarette since I starting smoking the herbal spirits. It's been about 3 weeks! I suggest you try it, especially if you want to quit smoking cigarettes.

Leatrice K.

Love these so much and arrived so quickly, best herbal blend I’ve had in a while. Thank you so much and completely recommend!

Taylor H.

All of the products that I have tried are top quality. Working with the company has also been top-notch.

Michelle K.

This was my first purchasing and I was not disappointed! They hit so smooth and taste amazing, I am definitely going to be ordering more and recommending to everyone I know!

Elizabeth L.

The flavor and freshness are very good and it helps me unwind and feel relaxed.

Amy H.

Sample Blends with a Variety Pack

Determine which blend will support your needs by trying all of our one-of-a-kind homemade blends.

Freedom to Quit Your Own Way

Roll your own, mix with other herbs, have a ceremony, or enjoy as tea.

Transition to a Healthier Lifestyle

Once you’ve ditched the smokes, you can use your leftover herbal blend to make a delicious cup of tea.

It's Up To You

To Take Action

Herbal Spirit’s blends are here to help make your detox process easier, but they will not do all the work for you. Here are 3 simple things to help you get started on your journey to an addiction free life, TODAY!



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