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5 Smokeable Flowers + Why We Add Them To Our Herbal Smoke/Tea Blends

5 Smokeable Flowers + Why We Add Them To Our Herbal Smoke/Tea Blends

Quitting cigarettes sucks but the taste of your organic herbal blend doesn’t have to!



Klip Dagga

Klip Dagga flowers + leaves have been traditionally smoked for its euphoric effect & that's the primary reason Heather added it to our exotic herbal smoke/tea blend, Floating Egyptian. The taste is very subtle, it's all about the gentle mood enhancement.

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Rose Petals

Even though these petals are soothing for your nervous system, Heather primarily added them to three out of six of our blends for the incredible rose taste + smell. Whether you are directly smelling the blend itself, smoking it, or drinking it as a tea, the floral rose taste + smell is absolutely delicious, smooth, & well balanced.

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Lavender tastes as fantastic as it smells and may produce a calming effect.

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One way the ancient Egyptians liked to use Blue Lily was in spiritual ceremonies. Their intentions were to reach higher levels of consciousness & to connect to the divine. Blue Lily also contains the psychoactive alkaloid aporphine, allowing for a more euphoric smoking experience.

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Supports feelings of peace & relaxation but also has a naturally semi-sweet, almost honey like taste + smell. SO good.

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What flower do you love puffin (or sippin) on the most?!

With love,

Herbal Spirits Team ❤️‍



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