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15 Holiday Gift Ideas For People Who Smoke OR want to QUIT smoking! ($1-$111)

15 Holiday Gift Ideas For People Who Smoke OR want to QUIT smoking! ($1-$111)

The holidays are here! If you plan on getting some smokin' gifts, avoid the stress & crowds by getting your shopping done online sooner rather than later!


- Someone that simply enjoys the meditative ritual of smoking organic herbs & flowers

- Someone who has told you that they want to quit smoking cigarettes

- Someone who wants to treat themselves

- Stoners

- Someone who wants to gently (and lovingly) remind their loved one to stop smoking cigarettes (or MJ) ✨

 #1 DIY herbal smoke supplies $1-$40 ~ Papers, rolling machines, filters, etc.

#2 Herbal smokes (hand crafted for you) $11-$111 ~ organic herbal smoke blends hand packed into an organic hemp cone. Comes in packs of 6, 12, & 75.

#3 Black smokeless ashtray $6 ~ Fits in most cup holders AND may encourage one to STOP littering!

#4 Rose quartz pipe $30 ~ SO. cute. For crystal lovers that use a pipe for their herbs & flowers.

#5 420ft of organic hemp wick $20 ~ Because we don't need our smokes to come with butane.

#6 Organic hemp wick BUNDLE $18 ~ Comes with a lighter case that you can easily attach your hemp wick to!

#7 6 loose herbal blends that you can smoke AND make into tea + free tea ebook with steep times $45 ~ Use promo code TBOOK to get the E-book for free. If you want only 1 of the 6 herbal blends click here ($15-$32).

#8 Bamboo stash box $21 ~ Consolidate & organize. Also comes with a rolling tray.

#9 The Book: How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using Herbal Smokes $10 ~ A hands on workbook that takes one through the mental, emotional, & physical journey of quitting their addiction to cigarettes. I'd only recommend getting this for the person in your life that has recently said they want to quit smoking cigarettes (or weed)!

#10 SnowTree magnetic bong cleaner $36 ~ This invention is RAD.

#11 Bamboo rolling tray/pre-rolled cone loader $15 ~ Comes with brush.

#12 Hand rolled organic ROSE PETAL cones $10 ~ YUM. Pair it with Rivendell, Floating Egyptian, or Menthol Meadow. The ladies AND gents in your life will LOVE this.

#13 Rechargeable ELECTRIC lighter $13 ~ Personally, I still prefer hemp wick to light up my herbs BUT this is great to have on hand for candles, camping, etc.

#14 Smoke Buddy $22 ~ To keep it on the DL.

#15 A manifestation journal or SIMPLE journal $4-$6 ~ For men and women!

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