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Ready to detox from smoking cigarettes? 5 things to do after you order Herbal Smokes (Herbal Spirits) ❤️‍

Ready to detox from smoking cigarettes? 5 things to do after you order Herbal Smokes (Herbal Spirits) ❤️‍

🌹 Commit to smoking your last cigarette: being half in, half out won’t work when it comes to quitting cigarettes. Decide. & then do whatever it takes, every day.

🌹 Prep herbal smokes & keep them on you until you know with certainty you won’t cave without them: This one simple act, set me up for success BIG TIME in the beginning stages of my detox process (in 2017!). This isn’t so you can chain smoke herbal smokes. It’s to set you up for success when you are triggered to smoke a cigarette & you are on the verge of “just smoking one more cigarette.” When you are prepared, you know your why/goals, & giving up isn’t an option, your #1 trigger won’t win, you will.

🌹 Practice saying NO to herbal smokes more than you say YES: Challenge yourself! Create goals that support you with having self discipline. Create new healthy habits. The goal is to be free of addiction, to quit cigarettes, then herbal smokes.

🌹 Define boundaries that will set you up for success with herbal smokes: For example, let’s imagine that you smoke 3 cigarettes every day. Define a healthy boundary such as the following:

  • After you smoke your last cigarette, start by only allowing a maximum of 3 herbal smokes per day for a week
  • After that first week, allow yourself to smoke a maximum of 2 herbal smokes per day for a week
  • Then, 1 per day for a week
  • Then, 1 every other day for a week
  • Then, 2 per week
  • Then, 1 per week
  • Then, 0

Quitting an addiction is a mind, body, & emotional job. Take time to get to know every situation that triggers you to light up a cigarette (after coffee, driving, etc). If you need to not go somewhere or not do something because you know you’ll smoke a cigarette, temporarily stop doing those things. With enough effort, you’ll soon be stronger than the trigger.

🌹 Decide that you won’t replace one addiction with another: To successfully quit an addiction for good, you have do the inner work! You can’t expect different results while using herbal smokes if you do everything you did while you smoked cigarettes.

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