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84mm Cone Filler/Filling Machine Starter Kit with Vibration Table, Cartridge, and More

Model55X (fills 55 cones)

Now you can make either 55 or 121 herbal smokes at a time with this complete Starter Kit. This Starter Kit comes with everything you need to fill 84mm, 1 1/4, or 1/2 gram size cones in bulk.

Kit Includes:

  • Your choice of:
    • 55X Cone Cartridge (fills up to 55 cones in one session) with Riser and Tamping Tool
    • 121X Cone Cartridge (fills up to 121 cones in one session) with Riser and Tamping Tool
  • VB1 Circular Vibration Table
  • SP1 Stabilization Pad
  • EC1 Extension Cord with On/Off Switch

Also check out our 84mm 1 1/4 organic hemp cones that are sized for this machine.


  1. Place the stabilization mat on your work surface.
  2. Set the vibration table on top of the mat so that all of the table’s legs are within the fibrous area of the mat.
  3. Plug the vibration table into the switched extension cord, and plug the extension cord into a power outlet.
  4. Place the cartridge on the surface of the vibration table; set the riser and tamping tool aside for now.
  5. Fill the cartridge holes with your empty cones.
  6. Turn the vibration table on using the switch on the extension cord and begin filling the the top of the cartridge with your material.
  7. Use the included tamping tool to pack your material during operation.
  8. Once your cones are nearly full (leave some space to twist the end), turn the vibration table off.
  9. Lift the cone filling machine, and place the cone riser on top of the vibration table, underneath the cone filling machine.
  10. Rotate the cone filling machine while pressing it down on the riser. The riser will eventually slide into the bottom of the machine, while simultaneously lifting the filled cones.
  11. Remove each filled cone from the machine and twist the end to finish!

*Our filling machines can be cleaned with hot water up to 130º F but will warp over time if used in a dishwasher. We recommend using an isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and salt mixture, commonly used to remove plant resin and residue. Please do not expose our machines to temperatures over 130º or leave outdoors in direct sunlight.


84mm Cone Filler/Filling Machine Starter Kit with Vibration Table, Cartridge, and More


Is there weed, hemp, or tobacco in your blends?

No, we do NOT put any weed, hemp flower, or tobacco in our blends.

If I smoke your blends, will it come up on a drug test?

No. We do not put anything in our blends that would come up on a drug test.

Do you use USDA certified organic herbs & flowers?

Yes, with the exception of two of our wild harvested flowers, Klip Dagga & Blue Lily. They both come a small farm that uses organic practices.

Are herbal smokes bad for you?

For detailed answer, refer to our blog post about this. In short, we think they can be good AND bad for you. Good because they helped Heather and now many others quit cigarettes (without replacing one addiction with another) & there are some benefits to smokin the herbs & flowers. 😉 Bad if over used and abused & because smoking is smoking!

Can I use a dry herb vape, pipe, or bong to smoke your blends?

Yes to all 3.

Do the pre-rolls burn evenly?

Typically yes. However, our handmade pre-rolls occasionally “canoe” or burn unevenly. To avoid an uneven burn, before you take a drag, slowly & evenly, twist your herbal smoke in the flame. Once it’s completely lit, puff away gently.


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Herbal Spirits uses USDA Certified Organic herbs & flowers with the exception of our Klip Dagga and Blue Lily, which are both wild harvested.

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