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BYOB (Build Your Own Blend)

Our sample pack is a great way to see which of our flavors you like the best. Each pack comes in a re-usable tin with two (2) of each of our flavors for a total of twelve (12) pre-rolls.Buying our smoking blends in bulk is a great way to get our flavors at a great price. Blends come in either 16oz or 32oz re-usable wide-mouth mason jars or re-sealable barrier bags.Buying our smoking blends pre-rolled is a great way to experience our flavors in a convenient package. Pre-rolls come in packs of 12 or jars of 75.Want to take a shot at creating your own herbal blend? We now offer our premium organic herbal blends in a customizable format.
All tea bags are made more unbleached, chlorine free, hemp fiber bags. Tea is available in six flavors, two sizes, and two container types.

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We now offer all of our 100% USDA certified organic herbs a-la-carté. Mix and match to manifest your own creations.


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