Free 15 Minute Zoom Call With Heather

Moving through the mental, emotional, & physical detox process when quitting cigarettes is not always easy. Are you feeling like you want more support but sometimes the people around you do not fully understand because they may not be smokers? Or, maybe your loved ones still smoke & they are not quite ready to experience the massive transformation that you are brave enough to move through? Perhaps you are just wanting to do everything you can to be stronger, healthier, & free of your addiction for good? Because Heather chain smoked about a pack a day for 8 years, she understands the mental, emotional, & physical challenges that the detox process presents. To set up for success along your journey, she decided to offer you FREE 15-minute, face-to-face zoom calls. The call will be completely focused on YOU, your questions, & needs. Heather’s commitment is to do her absolute best to give you as many free tools, solutions, & resources as she can to support you with quitting your addiction to cigarettes & taking back your mental, emotional, & physical freedom for good.


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