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Klip Dagga

Klip Dagga


Common Name: Klip Dagga

Other Common Names: Wild Dagga, Christmas Candlestick, Lion's Ear 1

Latin Name: Leonotis nepetifolia

Native to: tropical Africa, southern India, Latin America, West Indies, South America 1

Plant Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)

Primary Use in Herbal Blends: "Calming and sedating sensations are felt when the flowers are consumed as a tea, while euphoric reactions occur when the flowers are smoked." 2

Benefits: "South African tribes have traditionally smoked klip dagga flowers and leaves for its euphoric effect. Klip dagga smokers report mood enhancement, slight giddiness, increased colour perception and mental clarity." 2


Type: Evergreen Shrub 2

Height: Grows 3 to 6 feet tall. 1

Leaves: Long medium-dark green leaves between 2-4 inches that are aromatic when crushed. 1

Flowers: Tubular orange flowers in tiered clusters. The flowers’ tubular shape helps sunbirds and butterflies pollinate them. 1

Fruit: Very small, long, brown seeds.


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