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Marshmallow Leaf

Marshmallow Leaf


Common Name: Marshmallow Leaf

Other Common Names: Marsh Mallow, Marsh-Mallow, Common Marshmallow, Althea Root, Sweet Weed, Mallards, Guimave, Mortification Plant, Schloss Tea, Wymote 1 2

Latin Name: Althaea officinalis

Native to: Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa 1

Plant Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Primary Use in Herbal Blends: Used as a modifier for lung health and flavor. 3

Benefits: Adds earthy flavor, body and may have a calming effect. 4


Type: Single stemmed plant with a few lateral branches. 1

Height: Grows to between 3 to 6.5 feet tall. 1

Leaves: Short, toothed, thick, soft, and velvety on both sides. 1

Flowers: Broad flowers with five white or pinkish-purple petals and reddish-purple centers. 1

Fruit: Small, bean-shaped, flat or disk-like, brown seeds.


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