Common Name: Damiana

Other Common Names: Damiane, Oreganillo, Mexican Holly 2

Latin Name: Turnera diffusa

Native to: southern Texas, Central America, Mexico, South America, Caribbean 1

Plant Family: Passifloraceae (Passion Flower family)

Primary Use in Herbal Blends: Used as a base and as a modifier for nervous system benefits. 3

Benefits: May provide a feeling of relaxation and may have aphrodisiac effects. 4


Type: Shrub

Height: Grows between 1 to 6.6 feet tall. 5 6

Leaves: The small, grayish-green leaves have hairy ribs and serrated edges. They grow no longer than 0.8 inches long. 5 6

Flowers: Tiny yellow flowers about 0.04 inches in diameter with 5 petals. 5

Fruit: Very small, dark brown colored, oblong pods.


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