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What Are Triggers? Action Steps To Take When Triggered

What Are Triggers? Action Steps To Take When Triggered

What Are Triggers?

Triggers are memories, objects, people, or situations that spark BIG emotional reactions (often automatically + not very positive ones). They may also be the cause of you relapsing back into old habits (lashing out, returning to an addiction, etc.). Triggers show us where we are not free & have more room to heal, and for this reason I consider them blessings; even the uncomfortable ones. When an event triggers you, there is more to this automatic response than what’s happening during that event.

Typically, your triggers are re-surfacing because of past pain, experiences, and unmet needs that you have been carrying. The event that triggered you is usually being perceived in connection with those feelings.

Giving Your Triggers The Love & Attention They Are Asking For

Start becoming aware of how you are reacting, how you are treating yourself and others, the stories you keep in your mind, the words you speak, and the actions you do and don’t take.


Keep getting clear on WHAT you want and WHY you want it as you evolve. When you catch yourself doing something that isn’t constructive or in alignment with what you really want, identify it, observe it, and if desired, redirect your thoughts, feelings, words, and/or actions.

You may not be able to identify every time you revert to your old ways, overnight... With time however, you will become positively aware of your triggers, how you feel, how you are responding and self-regulating (or not), the life you are living, and the person you are allowing yourself to be, etc...

The expansion of your awareness will benefit all of you and everything else. Until you give your triggers the attention they deserve, they will remain within, and have an extremely high potential of resurfacing in an unconstructive manner.

Take the time to fearlessly (and lovingly) give your triggers the attention they are asking for, every time any trigger surfaces in your life experience. ANY unfaced, heavy emotions, triggers, and hardships can keep you in a state of constant stress if you do not give them the attention they need in order to be released.

What To Do When You Get Triggered?

To deny anything, is to deny life itself.

DO NOT run away from or avoid triggers and emotions that “don’t feel good.” No matter how uncomfortable it feels, face your emotions.

Feel what you are feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to re-center my mental, emotional, & physical state?” "Am I being who I really want to be?"

If you have become angry, frustrated, or stressed in any way, STOP for a few moments. Become ultra-present in your NOW & take at least 5 deep, conscious breaths (self-soothe/regulate your nervous system).

Listen to the stories in your heart and mind (and from others), and try to understand them from a new perspective, one without attachment and judgement.

Always be honest, patient, and understanding with yourself (and everyone involved). Get in the habit of NOT being your own worst citric.

Stop using your thoughts, words, and actions against yourself ASAP!

EVERY TIME you hear the negative self-talk, thank it for showing you new ways, and shift your focus back to your truth, your vision, what matters most to you, what’s going right, etc…


Whatever is triggering you, take as much time as you need to get to know the situation and your emotions exactly as they are. The deeper you get intimate with yourself, the easier it will be for you to move through any trigger with emotional intelligence & a whole lot more compassion + ease. 

Action Steps To Take When Triggered:

  • Make the time to stop and get intimate with yourself (& whoever is involved)
  • Allow and observe every feeling, thought, and energy that is present inside & outside of yourself
  • Let whatever you are feeling surface as it is
  • Notice what you want to change, identify what’s working & what's not (without using your thoughts and words against yourself)
  • Dive into why you are experiencing what you are experiencing. What responsibility can you take?
  • Ask yourself what you can learn, how you can evolve, and create more peace so you can move on without unsettled emotions
  • Breathe, breathe, breathe; don’t forget to practice consciously breathing, especially in the midst of feeling BIG emotions.
  • Write about it, cry about it, ask yourself the hard questions about the experience

Feel it to heal it.

DO NOT pointlessly dwell on it. This paralyzes your mind with destructive thoughts and feelings. Stay brave along your healing journey! It’s not (usually) that serious. Your feelings are valid. You are safe to screw up, feel, heal, and transform.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, so you can be fully comfortable in your own skin again.

Never run from an opportunity for positive growth just because it doesn’t feel good!

Sometimes healing hurts before it frees you. Keep taking the time to learn about mental, emotional, & physical tools that will help you navigate harder times with less resistance and more brave strength. Your future self, the world, and your regulated nervous system, will thank you!

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With purpose,

Heath ❤️‍



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