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Take Charge of Your Life in 2024: The Importance of New Actions

Take Charge of Your Life in 2024: The Importance of New Actions

It’s not a “new year, new you” without new actions.

Starting a new year often prompts the desire for change and self-improvement.

With all your new ideas and goals, it's important to remember that real change takes time, a looooot of effort, & there will be LOTS of days that you don't feel motivated or inspired to keep following through with your game plan. During those times it's crucial to push through those fleeting emotions and take MASSIVE action if you want different results.

As Albert Einstein once said...

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

5 things to do when you want to give up…

1. Remember WHY you started.

2. DIRECT THE THOUGHTS IN YOUR MIND. Remind yourself of what motivated you to start in the first place & shift your mental focus FROM “I want to give up.” “This is so hard.” etc… TO a NEW story that will inspire AND empower you to continue on with your goals.

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3. Remember that you CAN do ANYTHING you set your mind too.

4. Remember that self-discipline is a SKILL worth learning & practicing every day, if you want to stay on track with your goals AND be prepared for the days that you feel like giving up.

5. Remember that your mind is one of the most powerful tools on planet earth & it has the power to help you create your dream life AND work against you. You may not be able to control it 100% of the time BUT you CAN direct it in EVERY moment you CHOOSE.

It's easy to make new years resolutions and set goals, it's much harder to follow through and take consistent action towards achieving them.

"Motivation comes from within and it's up to you to create it."

When faced with difficult choices, ask yourself, "Which path will lead me towards my goals and the life I truly want to live?"

Change can be tough and it's natural to want to fall back into old habits. But in the long run, giving up on your goals and dreams will leave you feeling unsatisfied & unfulfilled.

Don't let fear, laziness, or the story you keep telling yourself hold you back from creating the life you truly want.

You can't avoid THE HARD along your journey but you CAN prepare for it.

CHOOSE YOUR HARD MAKE TIME to take great care of your body OR deal with the long term effects of neglecting it
CHOOSE YOUR HARD Do the mental, emotional, & physical work EVEN when you don’t feel like it OR know you gave up because “it was too hard”
CHOOSE YOUR HARD Take massive action on deliberately creating the life you want to live everyday OR look back year after year in the SAME position you don’t even want to be in
CHOOSE YOUR HARD Stick to your goals OR be the reason you don’t achieve them

You have the power to make the changes you desire and create the life you want to live.

Whether it's breaking an addiction, making healthier choices, or living on purpose, the choice is yours. Every. Single. Day.

While it won't always be easy, the effort you put in will be worth it in the end as you build a life that's worth living & truly fulfilling.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it." Dr. Joe Dispenza

Short video - Our hardships are incredible tools that can help us evolve mentally, emotionally, and physically 

What will you choose?

On purpose,

Heath ❤️‍




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