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The #1 Thing That Helped Me Quit Smoking Cigarettes Naturally!

The #1 Thing That Helped Me Quit Smoking Cigarettes Naturally!

I prevented myself from quitting my addiction to smoking cigarettes FOR YEARS.

I was physically, emotionally, & mentally addicted & to be completely honest… I LIKED SMOKING CIGARETTES. I understood smoking was absolutely horrible for me on every level yet, I allowed myself to continuously cave…

Caving was sooooo much easier than dealing with the uncomfortable parts of quitting my addiction.

Caving fed my physical cravings.

It temporarily slowed down my racing mind, antsy-ness, & the irritation that comes along with detoxing. But caving never filled my cup…

Caving never taught me self-discipline.

Caving never pushed me to dive deeper into my personal-development journey.

Caving kept me right where I DIDN’T WANT TO BE.

Quitting cold turkey didn’t work for me. Attempting to quit my addiction by feeding my body nicotine through a patch, vape, or whatever, never resonated with me as a solution to quit my addiction.

Along with my commitment to personal-development, herbal smokes turned out to be the #1 thing that supported me in quitting my mental, physical, & emotional addiction to cigarettes.

When I discovered herbal smokes, my intuition knew with certainty that they were part of my personal solution to quitting cigarettes for good, even after 8 years of chain smoking & many attempts to quit! Shortly after discovering herbal smokes, I enjoyed my last pack of cigarettes, committed to saying NO to cigarettes forevermore, & temporarily allowed myself to smoke herbal smokes when I felt like I really needed the physical support or I was going cave to cigarettes… again.

Herbal smokes kept me from going to the nearest gas station for “just one more pack.” I never had self-discipline with cigarettes...

Herbal smoke helped me learn self-discipline, as I practiced saying no more than yes because I truly didn’t want to replace one addiction with another.

Herbal smokes pushed me to dive deeper into my personal-development journey & get clear on what I wanted more than an old bad habit that wasn’t serving me or my mind & body.

Herbal smokes gave me that physical fix without reintroducing nicotine & all the other junk back into my body, that was keeping me physically addicted.

Herbal smokes supported me along my journey back to SELF-CREATED freedom.

Temporarily allowing myself to smoke herbal smokes made my detox process feel doable.

Giving up on quitting my addiction to cigarettes was not an option!

Within two months, I started to leave the herbal smokes at home & I could be around people smoking cigarettes without ANY desire to go back to my old ways. Almost 5 years later, I am still cig free with ZERO desire to smoke a cigarette.

The combination of willingness to put in the ~ inner & outer ~ work + herbal smokes, changed my life.

From day 1, I did NOT intend to replace my cigarettes with herbal smokes. So, I didn’t & I don’t recommend you doing so if you intend to use herbal smokes as a tool to quit smoking cigarettes.

If you do intend to use herbal smokes as a tool to quit smoking cigarettes, check out the video I made called “Using herbal smokes to help you quit smoking cigarettes for good” I give you 5 tips that can set you up for success.

After such a transformation, I felt deeply called to share my life-changing solutions with the world & my genius husband & I decided to develop Herbal Spirits to help people all around the world quit their addiction to cigarettes using the same techniques I used… You guessed it, herbal smokes & personal development!

I’m thankful that I get to be a vessel that brings you life-changing solutions that support you with quitting your addiction & taking back your mental, emotional, & physical freedom!

To learn more techniques on how to quit smoking cigarettes for good, explore our offerings & hop on our email list!

With Love,


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