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Are herbal cigarettes BAD or GOOD for you?

Are herbal cigarettes BAD or GOOD for you?

Herbal cigarettes can be good AND bad for you; let’s talk about it.

What are herbal cigarettes?

Herbal cigarettes, also known as herbal smokes, are (smokeable) herbs and flowers (I recommend organic) rolled into a pre-roll form. If you have a loose herbal smoke blend, it can be used in a dry herb vape, pipe, bong, etc. Herbal smokes are intentionally enjoyed in ceremony, in moderation for therapeutic purposes, & they are also used to help one quit smoking cigarettes, weed, & vapes!

Fun fact: some herbal smoke blends (like these) can be made into tea!

Organic Herbal Blend

Are herbal cigarettes good for you?

Each herb and flower that’s used in organic herbal smoke blends has a specific, beneficial purpose. Disclaimer: Always do your own in-depth research BEFORE consuming or making your own herbal smoke blend!

A simple explanation on

HOW & WHY these 12 smokeable herbs & flowers are used…

Mullein: Used as a base as well as a modifier for lung health. It’s a natural expectorant.

Raspberry Leaf: Primarily used as a base but can be used as a modifier and even to add flavor. It tastes deliciously sweet, smells heavenly, and it is said that it may help neutralize poison caused by nicotine.

Damiana: Damiana is commonly used as a modifier for nervous system benefits but some prefer to use this wild shrub as a base. It smells and tastes extra good and is also known to be an aphrodisiac. 

Herbal Spirits Loose Herbal Blends

Peppermint: Used as a modifier, helps to relax the nerves, and aids in clearing the lungs and respiratory passages. Peppermint also adds a minty fresh flavor while providing a cooling sensation in your throat.

Skullcap: Primarily used as a modifier for the nervous system.

Marshmallow Leaf: Used as a base and modifier for lung health and calming effects.

Lobelia: Used as a modifier for lung health. Lobelia contains lobeline, an alkaloid that can reproduce the feeling of smoking tobacco. Lobeline actually attaches to the same receptors in the body as nicotine does. Even though lobelia is less potent than nicotine, lobelia can fool your body into thinking it has absorbed nicotine.

Chamomile: Used for its gentle, floral flavor and also as a modifier for nervous system benefits.

Lavender: Used for its unique lavender flavor and also as a modifier for relaxation benefits.

Rose: Used for its potent, incredible rose flavor and also as a modifier for nervous system benefits.

Blue Lily: Used as a modifier. Contains the psychoactive alkaloid aporphine and may provide a more euphoric experience.

Klip Dagga: Used for its modifying effects. Klip Dagga may cause feelings of relaxation, sedating sensations, and euphoric reactions. As you can see, these organic ingredients offer more benefits than just giving you the option to light up. They can support, assist, and nourish you on many levels physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Workbook: How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using Herbal Smokes

Herbal smokes are also being

used to help people stop smoking cigarettes, weed, & vapes!

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How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using Herbal Smokes.

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It’s entirely up to you how you use or abuse herbal smokes.

You choose your path.

Blend: Floating Egyptian

Are herbal cigarettes bad for you?

There’s no sugar coating it. Smoking is smoking!

Though there are tons of herbs and flowers that have many benefits, “they are organic,” and made with love and intention (how Herbal Spirits does it ;), smoking is still smoking and can potentially have negative effects on the body.

This is especially true if one is over-using and abusing any type of smoke (cigarettes, herbal smokes, vapes, marijuana, etc…)

To have the cleanest lungs and body possible, avoiding smoking altogether may be best.

Herbal smoke blends are not physically addicting BUT that does not mean you’re off the hook! If you are not being conscious of how you are using them and you are susceptible to addiction, you can actually create an addiction with them through your habits, choices, actions, and mental thought patterns.

You know when you are abusing herbal smokes and holding onto habits that aren’t serving you, your health, and your well-being.

Listen to your body.

With love, Heather




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