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10 Intimate Questions To Ask Yourself When Quitting Cigarettes, Weed, Or Vapes Using Herbal Smoke Blends

10 Intimate Questions To Ask Yourself When Quitting Cigarettes, Weed, Or Vapes Using Herbal Smoke Blends

If you don’t want to do something specific, what WILL you do instead?

You can not avoid the hard parts of quitting your addiction BUT, you CAN set yourself up for success by PREPARING for them. Recommendation: To help you persevere no matter what, write your responses down on paper so you can revisit your clear intentions when the detox process gets uncomfortable (for 99.9% of people IT WILL).

10 Intimate Questions To Ask Yourself

1. What will you do when physical triggers arise (other than smoking an herbal smoke)?

Examples: Do your favorite workout (gym, dance, swim, etc., this helped me SO much mentally, emotionally, and physically when I was detoxing), go for a gentle walk in nature, remind yourself WHY you want to quit.

2. What will you do when emotional/mental triggers arise (other than smoking an herbal smoke)?

Examples: Meditation, journal, FEEL your emotions/listen to the stories playing in your mind, redirect your inner world in the healthiest (& most caring) way you see fit. Free Resource: Free Of Addiction Guided Meditation | Positive Affirmations To Overcome Cravings and Addiction

3. What daily habits do you want?

Examples: Set a goal each day for how many herbal smokes you will consume (continuously reduce the amount until you are no longer using them as a detox tool), drink lots of water, learn about something you are interested in.

4. What actions will you take to accomplish your goals?

Examples: Break your goals down into actionable steps, create a to-do list daily + follow through with it.

5. What healthy experiences can help you feel better mentally, emotionally, & physically when you are feeling out of alignment?

Examples: Art, a nap, moving your body, talking to someone you love and trust, asking yourself intimate questions about your situation and then when you are ready, deciding where you will go/what you will do next.

6. How do you want to treat and speak to yourself?

Examples: Visualize how you want to treat/speak to yourself & start showing up like THAT, every day. Your relationship with YOU set the precedent for EVERY relationship you have... Write down specifics! & if you have already acknowledged unhealthy stories that you tell yourself (I can't do it, I'm not good enough, etc.) write down a NEW story that you actually believe (ex. "with enough practice and patients, I CAN do it" "I am floating in space, I AM worthy of my desires")... Every time you hear yourself replaying the old stories, gently redirect your inner world and remind yourself of your NEW stories that you authentically believe (you can't BS your conscious/subconscious).

7. How do you regulate your nervous system and manage your stress?

Examples: Breathe, breathe, breathe! Deep, conscious breathes! Give yourself a long hug. Process/sit with your emotions. Tend to the thoughts in your mind. Have I mentioned WORKING OUT ? (absolutely key for mental, emotional, & physical health)!

8. How will you challenge yourself throughout your detox process?

Examples: Try new things, create healthier habits, say NO to the old habits that are no longer serving you.

9. What will you do when you start to think "I want to give up on quitting smoking and SMOKE!"

Examples: Drop fully into the present moment with NO distractions & enjoy an herbal smoke while reflecting on your intentions + goals. Don't forget to acknowledge yourself for not going back to cigarettes, weed, &/or your vape!

10. Where can you go for extra support?

Examples: A family member, friend, or therapist whose opinion you value + trust, Herbal Spirits ?, YOUTUBE (free educational content on TONS of topics).

Free Resources: For the days that you want extra support with lighting your fire within & getting your mind back into alignment with your vision & goals, listen to my FREE, growing playlist I made for us on Youtube Infinite Power Within Playlist

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With purpose,

Heath ❤️‍



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